Friday, 4 August 2017

Cook Islands Language Week Challenge #2

Cook Islands Language Week Challenge #2

Henry having a go on the Cook Islands Drums displayed in the library.

The Cook Islands are world renown for their drumming!!!  At Rongomai School, for the second class challenge, the senior syndicate classes were given the task to:

"Create a drumbeat using items available in the classroom or using the Cook Islands drums when visiting the library or the staffroom (be creative - can be contemporary as well)."

With a lot of in-coordination and loud noises, we managed to pull through in the end.  A bit of Cook Islands drumming mixed with some contemporary drumming.  Enjoy!!!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Year 6 Vector Wero Water Safety Trip


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Today, the year 6 students visited Vector Whitewater Park in Manukau City!!!  Many thanks to Katherine Sugarman from 'Community Swim Programme' for providing us the opportunity to engage in this meaningful, exciting and awesome experience.

For most of us that attended, we were very nervous and reluctant to participate at first.  In the end, we became more confident in the water, we loved it and we didn't want to leave.  Thank you so much Vector Whitewater Park for having us!  So amazing to have this facility in our own back yard... the heart of South Auckland.

Year 6 Students and Matua Vae at the Vector Wero Water Park.

Here is a short video from our trip today:

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Teina and Clicks Production/Room 4 Cook Islands Language Week Challenge #1

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It's been an awesome week so far at Rongomai School celebrating Cook Islands Language week and today, our whole school had the privilege of witnessing a drama production "Teina and Clicks" performed by talented and vibrant Year 12 students from Tangaroa College.  We certainly had a great time and enjoyed the production held at the Vodafone Events Centre.  Thank you Matua David and team for inviting our school.

 Cook Islands Language Week Challenge #1

The following video is Room 4's Cook Islands Language Week Challenge #1 where we were given the task to introduce ourselves using some Cook Islands phrases!  5 or more students had to participate in this challenge. Enjoy!


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Duffy Role Model Assembly - Guest Speaker: Joe Hunter

Kaia, Taufa, Henry and Watson decorating Room 4's Duffy Book Box from "Duffy Books in Homes."

We are very fortunate and grateful as a Duffy school to receive free books from "The Alan Duff Charitable Foundation" better known as '"Duffy Books in Homes."  This helps promote the love and joy for reading at home and at school.

The guest speaker for our Duffy Role Model assembly was Joe Hunter from Athletics New Zealand.  Joe Hunter is a professional athletics coach and coaches hurdlers.  His work as a coach has taken him around the world assisting athletes preparing for competitions. Joe has previously worked as a sports scientist and has a PhD in sports bio-mechanics.  Joe enjoys working with young people and having a positive influence on their lives.

Thank you Joe Hunter for being our Duffy Role Model guest speaker and sharing with us the importance of reading.  Thank you also to Room 7 and Matua Isacc for teaching our school new actions to the Duffy Song.

Room 4 ft. Joe Hunter

Friday, 17 March 2017

ASB Polyfest School Trip

To celebrate our school wide social science topic of "IDENTITY", our school went to the ASB Secondary Schools Polyfest and Room 4 certainly had an amazing experience.  It was very exciting to see older students from the same Pasifika cultures perform their traditional dance in their traditional attire.  It made us feel very proud of who we are, where we come from and some of us can not wait until we are old enough to perform at the ASB Polyfest.


Here we are on our way on the bus.  You would not guess the music the bus driver was playing... "We Know The Way" from the Moana Soundtrack with a bit of Island Mix!  You can tell Matua Vae was enjoying it and our singing as well.  Also, here is a short video of Auckland Boys Grammar performing a Samoan slap dance on the Samoan Stage.

Taking a cool sip of free coconut juice from the Niu Fm tent.
It was a very hot day!  Glad we remembered to wear our hats.

Ben is going to be a future Kiwi.

A FEW DAYS LATER... (20/03/2017)...

Matua Vae received a live phone call on Radio from 531pi...  Believe it or not, he had won a new laptop by completing a survey at one of the tents and his name was drawn out from the draw!  We want to thank Sana and DJ Algoodie from Niu Fm for delivering Matua Vae's new lap top to school.

Friday, 17 February 2017

IDENTITY - (Show and tell)

Our Topic for Term 1 is about IDENTITY.  To set the scene, we were given the task to bring personal items or artefacts from home to share with the class  and discuss how it represents us!  Matua Vae surely gave us a big surprise when he walked into the class!


Taufa is talking about why he reads the Bible.
Doesn't he look very smart in his Tongan shirt?
Here he shares his Christian belief and why he
goes to church.

Nelly is a supporter of the New Zealand rugby league franchise in the NRL, the NZ Warriors.

What cultural wear do you think is
Deevyn wearing?
Deevyn sharing her family photo album with
her school family.

"I am Catholic and I am proud to be Samoan," -Ema

Everyone taking turns to share about their

Cheehoo!  Can you guess which local rugby
league club Henry plays for?

Matua Vae!  What are you wearing?  Can you guess how all these items relate to Matua Vae's
(His hat, rugby shirt, ties, traditional necklace, lavalava, teddy bear, WWE belt,
rugby medal, whistle, weight belt, tattoo)

Petra sharing how she dresses and also
sharing with us her taonga (Maori greenstone). 
Georgina is dressed in her Cook Island culture
and talking about her Cook Island necklace.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Developing Our Class Treaty - Room 4 Family Tree-ty

With Waitangi Day being celebrated on Monday, we worked together as a class to develop our own class treaty.  We decided that RESPECT would be the key word for our treaty.


  Here we are brainstorming our ideas of when and where we practice



After developing our ideas, we worked in our groups to demonstrate situations using role play with the objective of our peers to guess when in different scenarios we show respect.

Respecting property by not damaging it.
Respecting others by learning to give and share.
Respecting the teacher by following instruction and not speaking when they are talking.
Respecting our parents by always listening to them.

Finally, we developed a treaty in the form of a tree which symbolises "family or whanau."  We were each given 5 leaves to describe ourselves (each leaf indicated theses topics: 4 adjectives, family, hobbies, goal for the year and our signature as a contract to abide by the treaty).  On the class treaty, RESPECT is clearly visible.  We developed an acrostic poem for RESPECT for our treaty:

  • Everyone/Each other
  • Self/School
  • Parents/Property
  • Education/Environment
  • Classmates/Choices
  • Teachers/Treaty

The Finished Product:

"We may all bear different fruits, but we all grow from the same tree."

Friday, 3 February 2017

Welcome To Room 4's Blog


ROOM 4 - Rongomai School

Talofa lava, kia orana, malo e lelei, faka alofa lahi atu and kia ora!  We are a year 5 and 6 class and proud students of Room 4 from Rongomai School! 2017 is going to be a great year!

Our class motto:
"Together Everyone Achieves More"