Thursday, 3 August 2017

Year 6 Vector Wero Water Safety Trip


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Today, the year 6 students visited Vector Whitewater Park in Manukau City!!!  Many thanks to Katherine Sugarman from 'Community Swim Programme' for providing us the opportunity to engage in this meaningful, exciting and awesome experience.

For most of us that attended, we were very nervous and reluctant to participate at first.  In the end, we became more confident in the water, we loved it and we didn't want to leave.  Thank you so much Vector Whitewater Park for having us!  So amazing to have this facility in our own back yard... the heart of South Auckland.

Year 6 Students and Matua Vae at the Vector Wero Water Park.

Here is a short video from our trip today:


  1. I'm really glad our Year 6's got to participate in this exciting experience and thank you Matua Vae for taking our kids. A massive thank you to the Community Swim programme for making it possible for our kids to have this experience!

    1. Thank you also Whaea Pae for the opportunity to go, especially during a very busy week! The kids surely had fun!