Friday, 10 February 2017

Developing Our Class Treaty - Room 4 Family Tree-ty

With Waitangi Day being celebrated on Monday, we worked together as a class to develop our own class treaty.  We decided that RESPECT would be the key word for our treaty.


  Here we are brainstorming our ideas of when and where we practice



After developing our ideas, we worked in our groups to demonstrate situations using role play with the objective of our peers to guess when in different scenarios we show respect.

Respecting property by not damaging it.
Respecting others by learning to give and share.
Respecting the teacher by following instruction and not speaking when they are talking.
Respecting our parents by always listening to them.

Finally, we developed a treaty in the form of a tree which symbolises "family or whanau."  We were each given 5 leaves to describe ourselves (each leaf indicated theses topics: 4 adjectives, family, hobbies, goal for the year and our signature as a contract to abide by the treaty).  On the class treaty, RESPECT is clearly visible.  We developed an acrostic poem for RESPECT for our treaty:

  • Everyone/Each other
  • Self/School
  • Parents/Property
  • Education/Environment
  • Classmates/Choices
  • Teachers/Treaty

The Finished Product:

"We may all bear different fruits, but we all grow from the same tree."

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