Friday, 17 March 2017

ASB Polyfest School Trip

To celebrate our school wide social science topic of "IDENTITY", our school went to the ASB Secondary Schools Polyfest and Room 4 certainly had an amazing experience.  It was very exciting to see older students from the same Pasifika cultures perform their traditional dance in their traditional attire.  It made us feel very proud of who we are, where we come from and some of us can not wait until we are old enough to perform at the ASB Polyfest.


Here we are on our way on the bus.  You would not guess the music the bus driver was playing... "We Know The Way" from the Moana Soundtrack with a bit of Island Mix!  You can tell Matua Vae was enjoying it and our singing as well.  Also, here is a short video of Auckland Boys Grammar performing a Samoan slap dance on the Samoan Stage.

Taking a cool sip of free coconut juice from the Niu Fm tent.
It was a very hot day!  Glad we remembered to wear our hats.

Ben is going to be a future Kiwi.

A FEW DAYS LATER... (20/03/2017)...

Matua Vae received a live phone call on Radio from 531pi...  Believe it or not, he had won a new laptop by completing a survey at one of the tents and his name was drawn out from the draw!  We want to thank Sana and DJ Algoodie from Niu Fm for delivering Matua Vae's new lap top to school.

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